Friday, January 24, 2020
About Us  

The Center of Isotopes (CENTIS), which belongs to the Nuclear Agency, from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Enviroment of Cuba, is the out come of more then 25 years of research and development of highly qualified specialists for the nuclear field in ware the country. The center was created in 1988 and its definitive settlement current facilities inaugurated on December, 1995. CENTIS has been the development, manufacturing and commercialization of products to be used in diagnostics, therapy and research, as well as to provide several scientific – technical services of high added value.

CENTIS is the most complex radioactive facility in Cuba. CENTIS offers a wide variety of products, including labeled compounds, radiopharmaceuticals, radiosotopic generators and conventional and radioisotopic diagnostic reagents, which are suitable for medical, agricultural and industrial purposes, as well as for genetic engineering and biotechnology. Our services include verificatin of dose calibrators, radioisotopic labeling, preclinical pharmacokinetic and biodistribution trials, maintenance and repair of biochemical and haematology analyzers, among others.

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