Friday, January 24, 2020
Customer Information  
You may order products or services by our Web (from both sections Products and Services or Orders), by fax or by e-mail. The orders must contain at least the customer’s name and address, product name and code, Quantity and the required delivery date. Specialized personnel will he in charge of your order.
The production process is programmed in accordance to the delivery date agreed with the costumer. Products in stock are ready to be delivered one working day after the order comfirmation.
We have the proper logistics in order to offer you a fast and economical delivery, either within Cuba or for export. If any special requirement needs to be made on your shipping, please let us know in your order.
Costumes who order products based on radioactive substances must send CENTIS a copy of an updated authorization issued by the nuclear regulatory body of their countries.
CENTIS guarantees the rights related to the purchase of its products and services.
Privacy policy
The information obtained from our clients is completely confidential, that is our policy and it will be used only in relation to the orders. THe answers to requests will be addressed only to the person or organization that asked for them. Distribution or copy of the information sent is allowed only for authorized persons. if you receive any information by mistake, please erase it and send a message to
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